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At Milton Keynes Junior Ice Hockey Club we aim to develop all players' skills, physical abilities and team spirit to enable them to take a full part in competitive ice hockey at a level appropriate to each individual. We do this by providing regular, structured training and when players reach the level of ability required we provide opportunities to play in one or more of our teams which participate in national leagues. We have four teams competing in leagues organised by the governing body for ice hockey in England, English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA). Each team will have a coach, manager and trainer. All of our coaches are qualified within a framework of coaching development laid down by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) which governs ice hockey worldwide.

Learn to play

(MKJIHC) runs a Learn to Play Programme (LTP) for young people to learn the basics of Ice Hockey


Strong skating skills are the most important aspects of becoming a good hockey player. Skating to hockey is like running to football. If you can’t be there on time, beat the opponent to the puck, get in position to defend or skate around the opponent with the puck – you can’t play. During the game you shouldn’t be thinking about skating, you just do it: sharp turns, changing of directions, backwards skating, transitions..... If you don’t have to think about how you skate - you can think about the task at hand and other skills like defending, shooting, puck handling and passing. At LTP we try to teach the basic skills, a player will need to play with emphasis on skating and puck control.

Joining the Learn to Play

  • Contact MKJIHC via email: ltp@mkstorm.com.
  • State players full name
  • Date of birth
  • Player nationality and place of birth
  • Contact information (phone/email)
  • Parent/guardian full name
  • Player skating ability

Requirements for level 1-6

Level 1

  1. Be Able To Stand Up From a Kneeling Position
  2. Ready Position
  3. T-Push ( Both Feet )
  4. Jump and Land on 2 Feet

Level 2

  1. Basic Forward Movement
  2. Two Foot Glide and Turn
  3. Forward Bubble
  4. Moving Sideways Step
  5. Beginner Snowplough

Level 3

  1. Snowplough Stop
  2. Backwards Glide/Bubble
  3. Beginner X ( Cross ) Over
  4. One Foot Glide ( Left and Right )

Level 4

  1. Backwards C-Cut
  2. Basic Transition Forwards – Backwards
  3. Basic Stop / Start
  4. Tight Turns ( Forwards Only )

Level 5

  1. Beginner X ( Cross ) Over, Backwards
  2. V Stop Backwards
  3. Forward X ( Cross ) Over’s , continuous
  4. One Foot Glide Backwards

Level 6

  1. Backward Turns
  2. Backward X ( Cross ) Over’s
  3. ivot (Mohawk ) Turn
  4. Hockey Stop ( Left and Right )
  5. Explosive Start ( Forwards )

We run the Learn to Play Programme (LTP) every Wednesday 6:00-6:30pm - first session is free. email: ltp@mkstorm.com

These are on ice times, so come at least 20 minutes earlier to get kitted up.

Ice Hockey Kit

Player's should have their own hockey skates and gloves (they dont need to be ice hockey gloves). The club will initially lend helmets and the ice hockey sticks. After finishing the LTP the player is expected to get their own equipment. The club has 2nd hand kit it can sell or we can advise where to look for new gear. For your first session a club representative will assist you to get the appropriate kit. Please be patient if we are short-handed and allow yourself some extra time for the first session. The cost of the course is £50 for a block 10 lessons or £6.50 weekly and the first session is free. The first 10 sessions include free insurance.


Every LTP participant will be monitored for progress and their skills will be evaluated all the time. As the player achieved level 6 they will be invited to join the training sessions. Please note this applies for Over 9's only.

Under 9's have to achieve level 4 and after a discussion with the head coach, an invitation to join MKJIHC will be emailed. The email will contain full details and the registration documents outlining what is required to join the club. Full kit is required in order to attend MKJIHC training. However, please note that you are required to continue to attend the MKJIHC Learn to Play programme, until level 6 is obtained.

In order to be part of the team, the player must be registered as a member of the EIHA and pay full club fees.

Ice Hockey Kit required

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Where to find us

Please note!! The Satnav will take you to Toys R Us.
We are located at the back of Toys R Us and at the side of Morrisons!!